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Anti Spam Search Engine Blekko Averaging One Million Spam per Day

How to Stop Spam

How to Stop Spam
Blekko’s secret sauce is its slashtags — topic tags auto-fired or appended by users to queries to limit search results to those from curated sets of websites. In previous conversations, both Skrenta and Blekko founder Mike Markson appeared grounded in the reality that Blekko would not be making a dent in Google’s search share anytime soon. 

search engine Blekko is posting some decent growth after a few months on the market. The site tells Search Engine Land it had 30 million search queries from "a couple of hundred thousand uniques," for January. What sets Blekko apart are "slashtags", i.e. user-generated lists of results according to themes. This adds an element of human curation to search. 

In the search spam issue Blekko appears to have found its marketing hook. The site now describes itself this way: “Blekko, the new search engine that is using human curation to eliminate spam from search results.”
According to Skrenta, “Our FB connect logins shot up after we announced /likes, presumably because people wanted the /likes slashtag.” Skrenta accordingly interprets the Facebook logging in as “an active effort to create a slashtag.”
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